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Are You Using Your Emails Wisely?

8. May 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

While instant messaging is becoming a more popular way to correspond with hot Russian brides, emailing is still very effective and convenient. It allows singles to communicate at their own pace, put some thought into what they type, and attach photos


Some people say they can express themselves better in writing. Are you using your emails wisely?


One tip is to keep your introduction emails brief. Most ladies have to use computers at a local agency or internet cafe so they just don't have the time to read long emails. Plus, you don't want to give away your whole life story right at the start! Just a few details about yourself and a few questions for her should spur enough interest to keep the communication going. 


Another piece of advice is to maintain a positive attitude in your emails. Ladies will be less likely to reply if you're complaining about Russian dating costs or scammer suspicions. Russian women are attracted to confidence and optimism so be sure to show those qualities in your correspondence.


Lastly, while some guys like to send random emails to any girls they find pretty, you may have more success being more selective. Read her extended interview, watch her profile video, and then craft a clever email that is personalized to her. 


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