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Are You a Bossy Bob?

17. September 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

When it comes to Russian dating, some men are a bit bossy. Are you one of them? Read on to find out.


You Issue Web Chat Orders

“Wave!” “Stand up!” “Turn around!” “Dance for me!” Have you uttered these words while chatting with a lady on camera? While polite requests for a smile or wave are fine, issuing demands or getting angry when a lady doesn’t “obey” can jeopardize your chances of finding a match. After all, the women of HRB aren’t paid performers. 


You Tell a Lady When She’ll Meet You

If you’re planning to visit a special lady, let her know so that the two of you may coordinate your schedules. It’s never a good idea to jet off to Ukraine and say “I’ll be here this day and this day so meet me here at this time.” The women have busy lives of their own and can’t meet an unexpected visitor at the drop of a hat.


You Try to Dictate Her Schedule

Similarly, don’t tell women when to log on to HRB. Again, polite requests are fine, but ordering a woman to chat with you at a particular time can seem presumptuous and rude. Things happen and a woman might not always be available when you’d like her to be. Getting angry because a lady can’t chat on demand is a great way to chase off a potential match.

While most demanding fellows don’t mean to be rude, their bossy behavior turns Russian women off. Don’t be a bossy Bob. If you treat the ladies with politeness and respect and think about their wants and needs as well as your own, you’ll be just fine.