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Are You a Russian Dating Cynic?

21. June 2013 by Dasha 0 Comments

When it comes to Russian dating, some men are highly cynical. They assume that most Russian women are scammers, that the majority of international dating sites are a fraud, and that finding a Russian bride online is a risky endeavor with little chance of success. Despite all this, such men sign up for HRB in hopes of finding a match. What they don’t realize, however, is that a cynical attitude can make Russian dating failure a self-fulfilling prophesy.


Many cynics believe they’re able to hide their negative views about Russian dating and Russian women, but these thoughts have a way of shining through. Offhand remarks about paid-to-chat scams and green card frauds are big clues as are attempts to “test” women on the site. Some men don’t even attempt to hide their cynicism, instead telling the women they won’t be scammed and demanding that the ladies “prove” their sincerity. This is naturally a big turn off, not to mention insulting to the women. What woman wants to defend her motives for joining HRB or chat with men who think she’s a scammer?  


Adopting a more positive attitude is the best, albeit difficult, way to stop cynicism from keeping you down. If you’re feeling negative about Russian women and Russian dating, remember that no form of dating is without its challenges and that international dating horror stories are the exception rather than the norm. Reading the happy tales on the Featured Couples page can also help improve your outlook. Most men have reservations from time to time, but the key is to not let negativity rule your thoughts and affect your search.


Some men adopt a cynical attitude right away while others develop it over time, usually after facing a setback or two. Whatever the case, cynicism and Russian dating is a terrible combination that often leads to disappointment and failure. For best results on HRB, try to push your negative thoughts aside and take on a more positive outlook. You'll be glad that you did.


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