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Are You the Jealous Type?

24. August 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

Many types of relationships can succumb to jealousy. It happens among siblings, at the workplace, and even between friends. However, romantic jealousy can be much harder to resist when dating beautiful Russian women online.


Some girls may be flattered when men show a little emotion, but too much can scare women away. Do you become jealous during these common scenarios? Here is some advice on how to handle it. 


She posts sexy new photos

When a gentleman is chatting with his favorite Russian lady, he likes to imagine that she is only communicating with him. Once she posts some new photos on her profile, he's reminded that she's still single and searching. Rather than get upset, compliment her on the pics and post some new shots yourself. Until you're in a committed relationship, it's wise to keep your profile fresh and updated.


She's online often

Ladies are serious about find their soulmates, so there's a good chance you'll see your favorite bride online almost every time you log on. Meeting new people through internet dating is like a hobby for some girls so they may possibly spent most of their free time online. Don't be too eager and start chatting with her right away; you should give each other space. Chat with new ladies instead.


She flirts with everyone

When a man travels to meet a Russian bride in person, he may feel uncomfortable if she hugs or kisses others in front of him. Even if you've been chatting with a lady for a long time online, your first date is not a commitment ceremony. Some ladies are extra flirty and will still act that way while in your company. Don't be alarmed by the little things; focus more on your chemistry together and how she treats you.


An old Russian proverb says, "The less you know, the better you sleep." If you're propelled to pry and cast suspicion on your Russian girlfriend, you'll look like a jealous, possessive partner. Long distance relationships are especially hard but you still need to find ways to trust and relax.