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Are Young Russian Girls Serious About Marriage?

24. March 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Take a look at this beautiful Ukrainian girl, "Cinnamon"

Members of Russian dating sites often wonder why so many of the single stunning ladies contacting them are barely over 18. For men that live in cultures where women are getting married and having children later in life, it can seem curious that Russian and Ukrainian girls are not following that trend, but here’s why.


Many homes in Russia and Ukraine still hold on to traditional values, like women raising the children and taking care of the family at an early age. Young girls are brought up believing in these conservative roles and look forward to taking their prominent places. The sooner a Russian bride settles down with a suitable match, the sooner she will feel complete and start really enjoying her life.


While many Russian ladies are strong and independent, they still have fears of being alone. Living in a country where the men greatly outnumber the women, many Russian girls worry that they may never find a husband. They see no reason in waiting to begin their search and fortunately these online dating services are available to increase their chances and help ease their fears.


Also, most Russian women describe themselves as romantic, loving, passionate, and many more adjectives that show their innate desires to love and be loved. They dream of their wedding day as little girls and long for someone to share all of life’s adventures with. Reading a couple of these ladies’ profiles quickly confirms that they are ready for a lifetime of love, no matter what their ages are.


The best way to find out if an 18 or 19 year old Russian bride is really ready for a long term relationship is to start communicating with her. While men often assume they have nothing in common with a girl several years younger than them, once they start chatting, they are surprised that these ladies are more mature and intelligent than they first thought. Give the younger girls a chance and introduce yourself to a few today!