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Love is Blind. Open Your Eyes to Scams.

2. November 2009 by Admin 0 Comments

International police agencies and the FBI put online dating scams near the top of internet fraud lists. How to avoid getting scammed? Learn to recognize the pattern, and research dating sites.


What is a Scam?

A scam by definition involves soliciting money. Study after study shows online dating scam artists use some variation of the Damsel (or Dude) in Distress: It begins with the scammer initiating correspondence out of the blue. However, some scammers join dating Web sites with the intent of defrauding a wealthy but lonely individual.

The scammer, who is usually very attractive (at least in a photo), "falls" for the target hard and fast. After some length of time, she requests money. Usually, according to the FBI, it involves some kind of emergency requiring an irreversible form of payment like a money order or wire transfer.


Where Modern Scams Began

Nigeria was the first place linked to this type of scam. Emails involve a Westerner who is inexplicably stranded there and in need of money to get out, or is a woman who develops an unexpected -- and unbelievably complicated -- bank snafu that can only be remedied through a wire transfer.

The experts' advice? Run! Rhoda Cook, who runs an anti-fraud web site, says love can easily cloud judgment -- online and off. "Enjoy the relationship," she says, "But keep your money to yourself. That way, if it goes wrong, all you're going to lose is your heart."

Spotting a Scammer

Anti-scam experts offer these universal signs of rip-off artists:

  • Unsolicited communication. Legitimate services like HotRussianBrides.com registers each man and woman who chooses to join. We check ID's and use a unique video verification procedure to ensure the ladies are who they say they are.
  • A woman who shows no preferences whatsoever in a partner's qualities. Beware "any age, race, weight, height" advertisements. Everyone has preferences.
  • A woman who never asks any personal questions or attempts to get to know you better.
  • A lady who tells you how desperately poor she is right off the bat.
  • A woman who can't seem to remember anything about you. When she first joins a service, a lady will write to several men. After all, dating is a numbers game. She might not remember the name of your beloved sheep dog in the beginning, but if you develop a closer relationship, she should.
  • A lady who doesn't answer your specific questions about her personal life (again, cut her slack in the very beginning) except to tell you how poor she is.

Be careful, but be fair

That said, be wary of so-called black lists. These sites let you post names of "scammers" with a single click. The trouble is, some jilted men will add a lady's name just because she didn't return his affections. Rarely can these claims be verified or retracted. That's not fair.


Our Unique Services

HotRussianBrides.com is a legitimate international dating service. We screen our ladies. We structure communication, encourage you to get to know a lady before getting serious, and we absolutely forbid ladies from asking you for money. If you think a lady is insincere, contact our Customer Support Team or our Web Hostess, and we will investigate. Our customer service sets us apart from other international matchmaking services! No matter how beautiful, eligible and charming a lady is, we will remove her from our site if we catch her soliciting money.

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