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Back to Basics: The ABCs of Russian Dating

1. June 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

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With page after page of beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women, their heart melting emails, and exciting live video chatting, it doesn’t take long for gentlemen to get wrapped up in the romance and intrigue of Russian brides. At the same time, some guys become overwhelmed by the whole experience and forget the basic guidelines for successful online dating.


Even though your future wife is a long distance away, you can shorten your journey towards finding her by remembering these tips.



Many people focus on their flaws and faults rather than their strengths and assets. Singles certainly need to reverse this behavior when creating online dating profiles. Accentuate your best qualities and personality traits. If you’re not sure, ask friends what they like most about you. When posting photos, be sure they flatter your best features.



Most guys hop on a Russian dating site for sheer curiosity. They “think” it would be nice to find their perfect match here, but they just don’t “believe” it could really happen. This is what separates those that date and date and date… and those that find The One. You have to believe that you are trying this unique, new way of meeting women because you really can find your match. With belief comes confidence and that will shine through into your profiles, emails, and chats, which most Russian ladies find very attractive.



Of course you know you have to talk with the ladies to gauge your compatibility and move toward finding the right one, but remembering to have an effective balance can be a challenge. You have to find the right mix of opening up about yourself and what you’re looking for, as well as holding back and being a good listener. Talking too much can make a Russian bride rush away, while not saying enough could bore her.


The best way to become a master at international online dating is to practice! Send more emails and schedule more video chat dates. Search for ladies outside of your usual criteria so you can expand your dating pool and become more open to new things. The more adventurous and open minded you are, the more hot Russian brides you’ll get to meet!