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Barf Bag Beauty at Ukrainian Museum

29. January 2013 by Masha 0 Comments


While he usually specializes in wall murals for metro stations and paintings for cabins at popular ski resorts, Avtandil Gurgenidze from Georgia found art inspiration in a more unusual place. 


"While I was flying, I was looking for material to paint on. I found an airsickness bag. Some of the passengers don’t even know about their existence except when and if they have to use them. I figured that the bags happened to be of pretty good material for my paintings. After I painted several bags, I turned them into an art project and was soon connected with Ukrainian International Airlines, who sent me loads of airsickness bags," he explained.


Now over 130 artworks are on display at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Ukraine in the capital city. It only took him three weeks to create the paintings and the airline fully supports the project. In fact, they gave Avtandil 200 bags to beautify. 


Unusual museum exhibits are actually pretty common in Ukraine. Have you visited the Beekeeping Museum yet? How about the Museum of Dreams? There is also the Pysanka Museum, the Saratov Glass Museum, the Waste Museum, the Pharmacy Museum, the Chernobyl Museum, the Numismatics Museum, and many more. 


When you're in Russia, be sure to stop by the Vodka Museum, the Kubinka Tank Museum, the Car Theft Museum, the Wax Museum, and Russia's only Beer Museum.


Check out these photos from the Art Avia exhibit! 



Source, Photos: Worldwide News Ukraine