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Basketball, Cheerleaders are Hot Exports to Russia

20. October 2009 by Marie 0 Comments

Who doesn’t love cheerleaders? Those fresh faces, those lithe bodies, those short skirts. Even David Letterman allegedly askes his paramour to shake some pom-poms in their infamous Park Avenue Love Nest from time to time! Basketball is growing in popularity in Russia and across the Baltic states. Its conjoined U.S. export is – you got it – the cheerleader! The Red Army Basketball Club, super-team of the Central Sports Army Club (CSKA), in Moscow, has come a long way from the Soviet Army under which it was created. It has also managed to outdo the Americans in the uniquely American invention known as cheerleading. While American cheerleading interests lobby to be taken seriously as a sport, their Russian sisters just laugh and toss their long hair. Donning sometimes outrageously spangly, kittenish outfits, they unabashedly shake their assets and proudly flaunt their sexiness! It sure keeps the crowd from getting bored when the court action flags!