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Beach Volleyball Babes Brave the Unbearable Heat

5. August 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

With a record breaking heat wave warming many regions of Russia, outdoor activities are strongly discouraged. However, the Russian Beach Volleyball Tour must go on. A new, unique sports facility on the northern Black Sea coast offers refuge for athletes with innovative indoor beaches.


Volleygrad was built in 2007 by the Volleyball Federation of Russia, in honor of Yuri Nikolayevich Sapega. A talented player for the USSR, Yuri helped his team win a silver medal at the 1988 Summer Olympics, and later went on to coach then manage the Russian Volleyball Championship. He died in Moscow in 2005 after a heart attack. A special wing of Volleygrad is dedicated to him and his achievements in developing the sport.


In addition to 12 outdoor beach volleyball courts, the facility offers 6 indoor courts for year round training. Known as the Winter Palace, the indoor site is usually utilized when it’s too chilly to be out on the sand. However, this summer’s sizzling temperatures are making players praise this unique feature. Heated sand and artificial winds simulate a real beach volleyball experience. While the indoor beaches are beneficial for practice and small matches, the hall doesn’t have the capacity to shelter the large championship games.


This past weekend, Russian women players were struck by the sensational heat and almost every game was interrupted for medical time-outs. But the hot Russian cheerleaders were there to entertain the crowd!


After a long, hot day, the two Viktorias - Viktoria Rastykus and Viktoria Demirchova – finished in first place. The finals will be held at Volleygrad as well, but not until next month, when they hope the weather will be more welcoming.