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Beer Baths at Medobory Sanatorium

9. September 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

If you were feeling under the weather during the days of the Soviet Union, you'd rely on homeopathic or unorthodox therapeutic procedures to treat your ailments. While modern medicines and practices have become more popular in Russia and Ukraine these days, many spas and health resorts still swear by the strong tradition of "home cures".


At Medobory Sanatorium in Konopkivka, Ukraine, these home cures are quite unconventional. One involves being stung by dozens of bees, which is said to stimulate the nervous system, ease joint pain and boost the immune system. Patients are even instructed to eat honey at the same time.


In another treatment, nurses slather patients with swamp mud to accelerate the healing of broken bones, relieve allergies and soften scars.


The spa also features a cinema, concert hall, library, beach, fishing dock, and a fully stocked bar. But the bar isn't the only place where the beer flows freely. Bathtubs are filled with water and beer for another unique treatment. The foamy, pungent baths are said to heal the kidneys, help with digestion, and rejuvenate the skin.


The Medobory Sanatorium can be found 12 miles outside the regional center of Ternopol. It can certainly be a unique experience for you and your Ukrainian bride!