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Before You Plan a Trip

25. January 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Many gentlemen are understandably eager to meet and marry the Russian or Ukrainian woman of their dreams. However, a gentleman cannot simply hop on a plane and bring home a bride. There are a few important steps a man must take if he wants his meeting with a Russian woman to be successful.


Build a Relationship

A gentleman should establish a solid relationship with a Russian or Ukrainian woman before he even thinks about visiting the lady in person. While there is no set timeline, most gentlemen prefer to wait a few months, at the very least, before planning a trip to Russia or the Ukraine. This gives a Western man and Russian woman time to get to know one another and determine if there is a potential love connection.


At times, the costs of Russian dating and/or the desire to meet a Russian woman may tempt a man to make travel arrangements as soon as possible.  However, rushing on a plane is never a good idea. International travel is expensive and time-consuming and a couple should meet when the time is right. Premature visits can lead to heartbreak and frustration.



Before a gentleman visits his Russian sweetheart, he should first determine if he and the lady have similar expectations. Sometimes one party will hope for a blissful meeting followed by immediate marriage, while the other is seeking something a little less serious. Frequent and frank communication is the key to preventing potential misunderstandings. Communication is equally as important once a gentleman has arrived in Russia or the Ukraine. Feelings change and sometimes a connection just might not be there. Nevertheless, a couple should always be honest with one another.


If you are thinking of meeting a Russian or Ukrainian lady in person, be sure to communicate with your sweetheart and do not make any plans until you have developed a solid relationship. This will help you have a more successful meeting with your special lady.