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Believing the Blacklists?

20. January 2010 by Gregg 0 Comments

Russian Dating and Myths

The International Dating world has an unfair reputation for being rife with fraud and scams. While it is true, these can happen from time-to-time; they are extremely rare and can be completely avoided by following some simple steps to stay safe.

The fact is that Russian dating scams, while still in existence are much less prevalent than many consumer advocate and blacklist sites may have you believe. Cynicism is in our natures, and while our eyes are always going to be on the lookout to ensure our own protection, it is never a good idea to trust a source of information that is unverifiable.

Russian Dating Scam Sites and Contact Information

Many Russian blacklists work under a cover of anonymity, claiming this to be their protection from unscrupulous businessmen, or the “Russian Mafia”. While some of this may sound feasible, in reality many of them simply use this as an excuse to post information without any accountability.

If anyone received a letter unsigned and without a return address, they would be extremely suspicious of the contents, especially if they accused a loved one of something. With this in mind, the online equivalent: an anonymous website being frequently cited as a reputable source of information makes little sense. While allowing a forum for consumers is a noble idea, having no accountability for what is being said never is. These types of forums can easily become overrun with skewed perspectives and even mistruths.

Always Check the Disclaimer

Frequently Russian scam websites like these will also post disclaimers stating that the information listed on their blacklists is just “opinion”, based on “reports from consumers”, again trying to alleviate themselves from the burden of proof. Coupled with the anonymous nature of many of these sites, these disclaimers just reinforce the “unaccountable” nature of Blacklists. 

Disputes Between Gentlemen and Kiev Girls

While posts on Russian Women Blacklists are usually based on reports of fraud, either real or imagined, many are becoming filled with posts which are notably based around a failed relationship. The end of a relationship can be an extremely traumatic event and cause the hurt party to take unreasonable actions. This goes doubly so in the Internet dating world as we have seen ladies being added to “scammer watch” lists after a breakup. As we have mentioned in previous posts, it is always a good idea to take such complaints with a grain of salt. These sites are set up to post complaints from gentlemen and will rarely, if ever, attempt to get the other side of the story.

Advertising for other Russian Dating Agencies

From television stations to magazines to websites to newspapers, advertising is how the media world works. However, when dealing with many sources of information, when advertisers are involved we must always consider how this affects the content of the message. A source should only be considered purely impartial if it has no bias at all, so a Russian dating scam list set up to criticize businesses which sells advertising space to competing ones can never be seen as a completely impartial source as it will rarely, if ever cast the same critical eye at its affiliates than it does at its other subjects.

Trust Your Own Instincts, Not Someone Else’s!

We are always happy to provide our members with the tools they can use to navigate our site more efficiently. One of the tools we are happy to provide is our guide to stay safe on our website – a list of do’s and don’ts to help increase your personal safety and ensure you the best possible experience on our service: Staying Safe on Hot Russian Brides

While worries about scams and fraud are normally just that – worries, we are happy to assist our customers with dispelling them. If you have any suspicions about a Russian or Ukrainian lady on our site, please let us know immediately and we will be happy to investigate the situation. If a case ever arises that a lady is actually violating the rules of our site with her participation, we will take swift and appropriate action.