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Best Places in Kirovograd to Watch the Sunset: Ingul River

31. July 2009 by Celeste 0 Comments

Sunset over the Ingul River in Kirovograd, Ukraine

Many people think that is not interesting to live in a small town because there are not so many places to visit but, believe me, small towns have their own charm. I can spend hours strolling along them, I disparately love these narrow and meandering streets, small houses, I like to observe lighted widows that hide the private life of people behind the curtains.


Whenever I notice that the sun is drooping, I hurry to the very center of my town to watch the sunset. Here am I, standing on the bridge, against the ginger sunlight, breathing with damp river air, feeling the wind touching my hair. The feeling of beauty carries me away, and I feel happy that I’m alive, that I’m able to see this beauty. I feel endless streams of consciousness that capture me and melt into eternity. So if you ever walk by, just stop for a moment on the bridge, near the forged gate and say ‘good bye’ to the setting sun to meet it with new spirits and enjoy its warmth tomorrow.