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Best Places in Nikolaev to Get a Drink: Shultz

4. September 2009 by Celeste 0 Comments

Shultz Pub in Nikolaev, Ukraine

We would like to invite you to the popular brew pub, Shultz. As one descends the stone stairwell, you know you are in for an experience most people can only dream about. The sounds, the smells, and the sights rush to meet you as you enter the restaurant.


The fresh Ukrainian and German cuisine is amazing, including homemade fresh country sausages, and the smells from the kitchen greet you so warmly. The food is prepared fresh daily and uses many of the amazingly fresh local produce and farm products.


The live jazz music on Friday and Saturday evenings is exciting and invigorating, traditional Ukrainian and even western style music, is Ms. Vika's specialty. She is an award winning and world renowned singer. Be prepared to dance and even sing along with the band if you are so inspired!


And as far as inspiration goes, let the wonderful bartenders prepare you a traditional Vodka drink, or for the less adventurous person, a cold beer made on site in the brewery, or even western style cocktail. You can also take advantage of the western style sports pub area and enjoy local football games on the big screen.


All of this can be found here at Schultz, a truly magnificent find in such a wonderful and exciting city.