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Best Places in Nikolaev to Have a Real Ukrainian Meal: Tamplier Restaurant

23. September 2009 by Celeste 0 Comments

Tamplier Restaurant in Nikolaev, UkraineUpon viewing Tamplier from the road, you already know you are in for an experience like no other. The castle looms out of the distance, the torches burning outside, and the costumed attendants outside the entrance; these are but a few of the things that make Tamplier so exciting.


Walking through the front door is like walking back in time. Inside you are met by costumed attendants waiting to seat you immediately. As you make your way into the main dining hall you cannot help but stop and stare. Here you are met by not only armored knights, but also the gigantic flying dragon swooping down from the ceiling. Upstairs in the main dining hall is also a very inviting place, with large tables for large parties of friends or associates. There is even a private dining room fashioned after the Knights of the Round Table.


If you are more adventurous, then let me suggest a trip outside to see what awaits you when dining outdoors. Private bungalows are scattered about the large outdoor area for dining; probably the most romantic seating in all of Nikolaev. A large pond sits nearby with a collection of ducks to entertain. Located just a short walk away is also the private zoo on the premises, nobody will mind if you take a quick stroll to visit the Llamas, horses and donkeys while your meal is being prepared. Do not go too far though, the service here is amazing and fast, something to definitely look forward to after a hectic day of visiting the sites of the city.


A well thought out menu greets you as you sit at your table, offering so many choices. There is a large selection of hot and cold appetizers, soups and salads. There are also delicious meat and vegetable trays to enjoy alongside some pre-dinner drinks, entertaining in the true Ukrainian style.


The entrees are endless; from beef to pork; fish to chicken, and even a fine selection of game birds to choose from. As always, no Ukrainian restaurant would be complete without a vast selection of stuffed dumplings and different potato choices. Of course the wood fired grill outside produces some of the best Shish Kabob in the city, and they can be topped off with any of the vast array of sauces and toppings on the menu. The restaurant also offers one of the best selections of regional and national selections of wines; there are also some fine international choices also. And no trip to Ukraine is complete without a taste of the traditional soups Borsch or Solyanka, and Tamplier makes great versions of both.


Always remember to have a dessert, this is where Ukrainian food and in particular, Tamplier really shine. From thin pancakes with fruit jams or powdered sugar to an amazing selection of fine chocolates, you can never go wrong here.


Be sure to stop by and enjoy, you just never know when a real fight may break out amongst the knights of the Tamplier!