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Best Places in Sevastopol to Watch the Sunset: The Black Sea Coast

29. July 2009 by Celeste 0 Comments

It is so peaceful, no noise of the city… no one for miles and miles. Just a light whisper of the wind, that casts a spell over the breath, can be heard. There is nothing in the world as beautiful as the sun sliding into the sea. Then as the star of day is hiding beyond the horizon, it takes up the deep reddish shade. The colour is so dense as if it is blinking in the liquid gold. The sunset suddenly becomes vermilion and all covers with slightly detected flashes of fire just for a very short time.


It is the colour of the sea sunset, it is the colour of the ecstasy, of the hope and dream. They are different every time, and the breath is all the time taken away because of it’s beauty.


You will be missing these sunsets if you see them just one time. They will be always in your heart. You will be missing the lapping of the waves, and the never repeating pattern of the snow-white ridges of waves; you will have a tedious time for the quiet drowsy hissing of the ebb, you will miss the dark purple blue velvet of the night sky, studded with huge and blinding stars. I want to find and devise the new words for making the declaration of love to this eternal beauty again and again.