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Best Places in Vinnitsa to Get a Drink: Mc Laud Pub

18. September 2009 by Celeste 0 Comments

Mc Laud Pub in Vinnitsa, Ukraine

In 2002 Mc Laud Pub started its work. It’s a very original and congenial place, which has a good level of visitation, makes fast steps in developing and perfection its dishes and drinks. It gives us a chance to be in a small marvelous country. Scotland with its ancient traditions, history and culture. Originality of its name is complemented with style inside of building. It’s dark wood, brick’s walls, comfortable semi-darkness, real kingdom of ceramics and clay. The main attribute of Mc Laud Pub is their well-cooked classical dishes, combined with different types of beer and other alcohol drinks, and evenings during which you may hear great bands such as “Tet-a-Tet”, “Sun Rise” (jazz bands) or saxophone and accordion.


The restaurant has three different halls, summer ground and a small terrace on the second floor, as well as a VIP hall. The warmth of the pub will calm your nerves and soothe all your senses.


Appetizing foods and refined drinks help visitors find their desired mood. It is absolutely understandable why Mc Laud Pub is popular not only with the inhabitants of Vinnitsa but also tourists visiting the area. The restaurant has received multiple achievement awards for their excellent service and delicious menu.


Mc Laud Pub is a place where you are waited for and valued. Only there will you feel desired, comfortably and reliably in a hospitable atmosphere and magic aura, which fills the soul of everybody who visit it. If you visit Mc Laud pub, you will be able to taste great dishes, you will also find a comfortable atmosphere and high-quality service. All these will inspire the best feelings, which will be in your memory for a long time.