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Best Places in Zaporozhie to Watch the Sunset: Marco Polo Country Club

27. August 2009 by Celeste 0 Comments

A picturesque and relaxing place to enjoy a beautiful Ukrainian sunset is the Marco Polo Country Club.  Cozily situated on the Dniper River near the village Ulianovka, this resort offers a tranquil escape to a placid paradise, harmonious with the natural environment surrounding it.  Guests are invited to relax and forget their daily routine when they visit, and Marco Polo provides all the proper amenities to facilitate this.


Marco Polo caters to guests with sophisticated tastes as well as lovers of nature, offering an English style building and entertainment, and well manicured lush, green meadows surrounding the property.  The Country Club is surrounded by paths which are the nicest to enjoy a walk before sleeping or simply allowing your mind to wander while the birds who live here sing their songs.  Here you can find cozy pavilions near the water as well as chaise-lounges next to the blossoming gardens. 


Special areas are set up for those who wish to witness magnificent sunrises and sunsets, the sunlight glimmering on the surface of the water. 


Marco Polo also offers billiards rooms, ping-pong, mini football and basket ball for guests who enjoy sports, as well as a gym for fitness buffs.  There are also opportunities for fishing, yachts, catamarans, cutters and water scooters.  Health conscious guests may visit the solarium, sauna and swimming pools as well.


The resort is available during all seasons, so you can start planning your vacation now!