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Best Places to Eat in Odessa: Scarlet Sails (Aliye Parusa)

13. November 2009 by Daniel 0 Comments

There are some restaurants that are nothing more than places to eat. Other restaurants serve a city for so long that they become iconic of the city itself. In Odessa, Ukraine, “Scarlet Sails” (Aliye Parusa) is one such place.


 “Scarlet Sails” is one of the oldest restaurants in the city of Odessa, the history of which is more than half a century. The restaurant has a tradition of being a hotspot for local youth. Many years ago, it was here where the now world-famous singer Larisa Dolina began performing for the patrons and launched her career.


The restaurant itself is situated in the one of the buildings that once housed the famous Rishelljevskiy Lyceum – a place of intellectual discussions, lectures and concerts. Today it is a great trade centre that also includes a supermarket specializing in the art of cookery and culinary masterpieces.

The market includes a flour department featuring a great selection of homemade pastries, and a baker's shop which presents a rich variety of bakery cakes. But the area’s biggest attraction is the summer open air arena, which is situated beneath the thick green tops of the trees in the Deribasovskaya Street. This lovely spot is a favorite location for Odessa’s residents, tourists and guests alike.

In October 2005, “Scarlet Sails” won a victory in the regional competition "The Great Quality of Odessa." In 2007, the restaurant won a "Golden Mercury" award for “Best Restaurant of the Year.” In the February of that year, the restaurant’s director received a diploma in the regional competition "The Best Employer in the City.


Whether you’re looking to eat good food or take in the sights at this urban hotspot, “Scarlet Sails” is one place you won’t want to miss on your trip to meet your Ukrainian bride.