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Beware of Bogus Scam Claims

21. April 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

One unfortunate aspect of the Russian dating industry is the blacklist sites and anti-scam forums that have popped up around it. While Russian dating forums can be a helpful place for gentlemen to receive guidance and advice about Russian dating, more often than not they are a hot spot for unfounded reports about Russian women and international dating websites that are supposedly a scam.

One important thing to keep in mind is that reports on blacklist sites and anti-scam forums are, for the most part, completely anonymous. Anyone can say anything at anytime without worrying about the consequences of their words. Many so-called scam reports are written by competitors while many more are penned by spurned suitors who want to get back at the lady and/or Russian dating service they feel did them wrong. In this way, lies and half-truths begin circulating around the Internet with no way for skeptics to the check the veracity of the claims.

Unlike anonymous Internet sources, the staff at HotRussianBrides is easy to contact. We provide phone numbers, email addresses, and live website assistance so that members can reach us at any time. We work hard to run a legitimate business and have no need to be anonymous. Who do you find more trustworthy: anonymous sources that are impossible to reach or an established business that customers can contact seven days a week?

No matter what we do, HotRussianBrides scam stories will always exist and gentlemen who are unfamiliar with our service will always wonder if it’s the real thing. If a gentleman approaches the Russian dating experience with an open mind and attempts to educate himself about our services, he stands the best chance of finding a Russian love match. Those who take everything they read online seriously will only drive themselves crazy, seeing scams at every corner.