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Beware of Premature Proposals

1. July 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Most men know that proposing to a woman after a couple of dates is a bad idea. However, many gentlemen do not hesitate to prematurely propose to women on Russian dating websites. Why? While every man has different motivations, many buy into the hype that surrounds the international dating industry, namely that foreign women are desperate to leave their home countries and need a knight in shining armor, i.e. a foreign man, to rescue them. However, this simply isn’t the reality of Russian dating.


Despite our name, the women on HotRussianBrides do not necessarily want to become brides this week, this month, or this year and their lives are far from miserable. While some men believe that slower moving ladies are scammers who aren’t sincere about finding love, the simple truth is that the ladies take marriage seriously and want to be sure they marry the right guy. The idea that women on Russian dating sites will basically marry anyone at anytime may appeal to some Western suitors, but it certainly isn’t true.


Gentlemen who join HotRussianBrides with the hopes of getting married right away should know that not everyone shares that goal. Even ladies who do wish to wed in the near future will not marry a man simply because he asks. Men must still make an effort to woo, charm, and get to know the women on our site and very few, if any, ladies will agree to a proposal before they meet a gentleman in person. After all, Russian dating isn't a shortcut to love and marriage, it's simply a different way of getting there.