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Beware of This Common Russian Dating Pitfall

17. October 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

If you’re hoping to find a great match on HRB, there are a few things you’ll want to avoid. However, negativity tops the list and for many reasons. Here’s why negative Neds have a hard time landing a match and why it pays to stay upbeat.

Negativity takes many forms and can slowly kill a promising relationship. While most men think being negative means complaining about Russian dating or the difficulties of finding a suitable mate, it also means spending an inordinate amount of time cataloging the woes of your life. Some men, for example, talk a lot about their acrimonious divorce or share depressing tales of financial ruin, and personal tragedy. Others like to chat about war, unemployment, the troubled economy, and other upsetting topics. Though these issues are certain to come up eventually, try to avoid negative subjects at the beginning of a relationship and don’t dwell on them if you can help it.

Negativity kills promising relationships because it’s draining and no fun to be around. Plus, being overly negative can make women wonder if anything will make you happy or if you’re the sort of person who's perpetually depressed. While you don’t have to be over the top, a positive outlook can do wonders for your dating life. Plus, the ladies of HRB should give you plenty to smile about so get out there and enjoy what Russian dating has to offer.


Russian women are attracted to positive, confident men. If you're hoping to find a match on HRB, try to keep your negativity in check.