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Blacklist Sites Aren’t the Way to Deal with a Broken Heart

30. January 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

After a Russian dating break up, many men are tempted to post warnings or rant about their ex on Russian dating forums and/or blacklist websites. This isn’t a good idea. While it’s natural to want to warn others about a woman you feel has been dishonest, you should think carefully before trashing a Russian woman online. Here’s why.

First, there are two sides to every story and blacklist sites rarely allow women the opportunity to defend themselves. While you might care less about a site’s lack of impartiality, it’s important to keep in mind that Russian women have their own sites (yes, really) and you might one day find yourself blacklisted. If that happens, don’t you want the chance to defend yourself?

Second, hurt and angry exes rarely post factual accounts and this is likely true with your story as well. You may have heard the saying that there are three sides to every story: what he said, what she said, and what really happened. It’s second nature for people to present themselves in a favorable light, and this can cause someone to gloss over or omit facts, often without even realizing it. Could you be guilty of a selective memory?

Last, many of the accounts on Russian dating forums come from disgruntled suitors who want revenge for a broken heart. Other tales come from men who were flat out rejected and can’t understand that the women on Russian dating sites aren’t interested in every foreigner who looks their way. Do you really want to be a part of such Forever Alone negativity? 

A broken heart can tempt many newly-single men to react in bitter, self-destructive ways. Take the high road and keep your dignity intact by refusing to trash your ex on the blacklist sites that exist for this purpose.

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