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Blacklists, Blogs and You

4. November 2010 by Gregg 0 Comments

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From time to time, our members will bring to our attention certain websites and blogs that float around on the internet accusing us, or other sites in our industry of bad business practices. Some sites of this nature even directly accuse individual Russian brides of participating in scams. While we are happy to investigate any evidence of Russian Marriage scams that is brought to us, we do remain skeptical about these types of sites.

Is HotRussianBrides.com a legitimate company?

Firstly, it is important to remember that we are a legitimate company and are not involved in any kind of illegitimate dealings. We have been in business for quite a few years and have a well-defined history of success for our members. All of our policies are available for anyone, member and non-member alike, to view in our Terms of Use section. We ask that all of our members read, understand, agree to and abide by these Terms when using our site. We also place our pricing structure for public view in our FAQ section along with facts regarding our company. This includes every possible charge you may receive on our site, so that anyone considering joining our service can make informed decisions as to whether our site is appropriate for their expectations.

Is every Russian woman’s profile active on your site?

Russian Ladies’ Profiles on our site are active, as are Gentlemen’s. If a lady or gentleman requests we remove their profile from our international dating website, we do. If we notice a profile has not been accessed in a considerable amount of time, we normally attempt to contact the individual member and if there is no response, the profile is made inactive until they choose to return.

How can I be sure I’m really chatting with this Ukrainian lady?

It has been suggested on some of these websites that when you are chatting on our system, that other people – including agency or website employees chat instead of the ladies. On our site, we can definitely attest that this is not the case. No-one in our company “poses” as ladies on the site – with over 13,000 active profiles on the site, very few companies out there would have the ability to hire that many employees! We ask that ladies, when joining our site, provide identification (usually a passport) of who they are, and fill out their sign-up paperwork on-camera so that we can identify them. Another feature that we offer is video chat. This allows our members to simply click a button and see live in-person proof that the Ukrainian lady on the other side of the chat window is exactly who she says she is.


Who sets up these Blacklist sites then, and what do they do?

The sad truth is that many of these sites are set up based on misinformation, or even complete untruths. Many of the sites that claim to post “Reports” don’t validate or investigate the truth of the report; they simply post what is sent to them. This could include any number of fraudulent stories submitted by gentlemen wishing to “get back” at a lady and happy to falsify information to do so. Some of these sites do have the ability to dispute reports, but if they post anything sent to them without checking, the damage is done. There aren’t any “official” blacklist sites on the internet for the international dating industry and we have yet to come across any that are affiliated with any established consumer agency.

What should I do if I want to ask more questions about your Russian Dating Site?

If you have any direct questions about our services, the protections we set up for our male members or anything else, please feel free to contact us at our customer support department! We are happy to respond to any question or concern you may have.