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Blonde Russian Girls Recruited for Mosquito Festival

12. June 2013 by Masha 0 Comments

Russia and Ukraine have reputations of quirky destinations and unique festivals so we weren’t too surprised when we heard about The Russian Mosquito Festival. It was actually more surprising to learn that this will be the first one!


Taking place in Perm Region’s town of Usolye in the Urals July 19-21, the festival plans to enlist groups of beautiful blonde Russian girls to brighten up the celebration.


The ladies will get to compete in a contest called "The Tastiest Girl." Will they be judged by how many mosquito bites they have? They can also test their speed and skill in the mosquito-catching competition.


Others who plan on attending the itchy event are already working on lyrics and melodies for the best mosquito-themed song contest. Judges will also determine the tastiest shashlik, a type of Shish kabob popular throughout the former Soviet Union, especially during outdoor festivals.


While there will be plenty of other kinds of barbequed foods, there will be no alcohol to wash it all down as sales and consumption of booze are strictly banned.


Would you consider escorting your favorite Russian bride to the first ever Russian Mosquito Festival?


Source: ruskomar.ru