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Bond Between Russia and America Runs Deep

6. November 2009 by James 0 Comments

Russia and America have a long storied history together. Today, global dating sites such as HotRussianBrides.com continues this bond that has began nearly 250 years ago.

Colonial Period

Russian’s were the first Europeans to discover Alaska in 1732. The first Russian exploration of Alaska was in 1741. Forty-three years later the first Russian colony in America was established and in the following years nearly 40,000 Russians lived in colonies up and down the North American Pacific coast. In fact, Russian Colonies reached as far south as modern day San Francisco. On April 9, 1867 Russia’s foray into America ended when the United States purchased Alaska for $7.2 million.


Odessa Spurs

A Russian traveling around America will find cities with some familiar names. In the 1800’s, Odessa was a very large port city that was known world-wide for exporting tons of wheat. In 1884 when a group of investors need a name for a new railroad town in Texas they selected Odessa since the depot shipped a large amount of wheat.
Cities and towns with the name Odessa can be found all across the North America. Including Florida, Missouri, Delaware, Ontario and even a section of Brighten Beach, New York is called “Little Odessa” due to the large immigrant population.

Welcome to Moscow

Perhaps the most popular Russian name for a city in the United States is Moscow. Home to the University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho is located in the panhandle near the Washington Border. Legend has it that early settlers could not agree on a name for the new town so postmaster Samuel Neff filed the official post office papers for the town and selected Moscow. He must really liked the name Moscow since he was born in born in Moscow, Pennsylvania and later moved to Moscow, Iowa. One place that Neff never lived was Moscow, Tennessee.


Sunny St. Petersburg

In the 1880’s a wealthy Russian immigrant named Peter Demens financed the Orange Belt Railway along the West Coast of Florida. Demens co-founded a city on the south end of the Pinellas Peninsula.  Legend has it that Demens and former Union General John Williams could not decide on a name for the city. So they filled a coin and the winner could name the city after their respective birthplaces.  As luck would have it Demens won and not Williams.  So the city of St. Petersburg, Florida was born.  But Williams was able to pay tribute to his place of birth by naming his new hotel after his hometown of Detroit.  St. Petersburg, Florida and St. Petersburg, Russia are sister cities that are both known for large public parks, major art museums and performing arts.  Interestingly, Demens named a small timber depot along his railroad after another Russian city; the fore mentioned Odessa, Florida.


Come Over

Starting in the mid 1800’s thousands of Russian immigrants came to America seeking a better life or freedom from religious persecution. Many settled in urban centers such as New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, San Francisco and Southern California, where they clustered in neighborhoods.  Today these cultural enclaves survive as tourist and shopping areas.


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