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Bored of Blind Dates? Meet Singles Online Instead!

12. January 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

If you've been single for some time, you've probably gone on a blind date or two. It starts with a well meaning family member or friend hinting about a girl they know who is just perfect for you.


While their intentions are good, meeting women this way can be disappointing and even embarrassing compared to meeting women online.


Blind dates go wrong for a multitude of reasons. They often feel like interviews since you're spouting off questions at each other which can make it more awkward than fun. Also, if the lady looks nothing like your buddy described or she lacks the sparkling personality your mom remembered, you're stuck sitting face-to-face until you come up with an excuse to escape.


Meeting women online, especially through international dating sites, opens a whole new world of opportunities. You can enjoy the getting-to-know-you phase at your own pace and you'll feel more comfortable meeting in person because you already know so much about them. While you may choose to pay for monthly memberships or credit packages, it still ends up being less expensive than buying drinks and dinners on blind dates.


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