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Bravo’s First Episode of "Miami Social" features fiery Russian bombshells

16. July 2009 by Gregg 0 Comments

Bravo’s newest show Miami Social, tells the story of seven friends who make up one of the “social circles” of the titular city. Comprised of fashion designers, photographers, promoters and socialites, the seven live and work to “make this city spin”.


Miami Social also tells the story of life for Russian immigrants in one of the most Cosmopolitan cities in the country. Maria Lankina, originally from St Petersburg in Russia, moved to Miami in 2005 and became widely known as one of the most talented freelance photographers in the city. Her work has graced the covers and pages of In Focus, Miami Fashion Weekly and many other national and international magazines. In between her days of photo shoots and event planning, she looks after her 13 year old daughter, Angelika and frequents the chicest nightclubs in South Beach.


From a technical standpoint, the show is beautifully shot and illustrates the gorgeous scenery and the exciting nightlife in Miami’s South Beach area but the first episode was really more of an introduction to the cast, without much focus on Maria or Lina Fidler, the other Russian Lady on the show. Lina is the hot-tempered girlfriend of George, a high-powered mortgage banker and member of the Miami Social circle. Hopefully the next few episodes will focus more on these ladies and their experiences as Russian women in the United States.