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Brides on a Budget?

11. October 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

If a gentleman is sincere in his quest for a Russian bride, he must be prepared to invest both time and money into the Russian dating process. While most men have no problem investing time, they are understandably less generous with their wallets. Here’s a basic rundown of Russian dating expenses to give gentlemen a better idea about what to expect.


Quality Communication

Quality Russian dating sites like HotRussianBrides give Western men and Russian women the chance to get to know another in a safe and secure environment. Sure, there are free or low-cost international dating sites out there, but do they offer customer support seven days a week? Video validation?  Translation and interpretation? Do they work with local agencies that provide a safe and convenient place for ladies to chat with Western men? Though we do charge more for our services than some other Russian dating sites, most members agree that the value we provide is well worth the extra money.  



Once a gentleman does find a special lady, he’ll want to visit, and international travel can be expensive. While it would be great if every man met his future wife on the first visit, there are no guarantees and it’s often necessary to make more than one journey. Travel, of course, takes both money and time and gentleman should be prepared for this aspect of Russian dating.  


After the Wedding

Even after a man has married his special lady, he will still need to cover additional costs. There are visa and immigration fees, the cost of moving a lady abroad and financially supporting her until she is able to earn money on her own, the expense of an additional vehicles, language lessons, etc. A Russian bride seeker should remember that a wedding doesn’t necessarily mean the end of  his financial and cultural burdens.

We outline these expenses, not to depress or discourage our members, but to give them an honest idea about what to expect. Russian dating costs money, not because the women are greedy gold diggers or because the entire process is a scam, but because it’s impossible to meet, court, marry, and support a Russian bride without having at least a little extra cash. Please keep this in mind when using HotRussianBrides.com.