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Can I Surprise Russian Brides with a Spontaneous Visit?

10. January 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

Beautiful Ukrainian bride, Black_bird

Whirlwind romances take place every day on HotRussianBrides.com. The women are so beautiful and charming that gentlemen often fall for them much faster than expected. Some think they will impress the ladies by showing up on a spontaneous visit without notifying them or the HotRussianBrides staff. However, there are several reasons why that plan may backfire.


Why You Should Let The Ladies Know

While showing up on a Russian bride’s doorstep may sound like a romantic surprise, it can also be scary. Even if you’ve been chatting online for many months, you are still semi-strangers until you meet in person. This occasion is monumental and planning gives both you and the ladies plenty of time to prepare.


Also, Russian and Ukrainian women often have work, school, and/or family obligations that can interrupt your dating itinerary, even when you do plan your visits. However, if you let a few ladies know you are traveling to see them, you’ll increase your chances of enjoying multiple dates.


Why You Should Let The HotRussianBrides Staff Know

One reason it’s wise to inform the staff at HotRussianBrides.com about your travel plans is to save yourself time and money. Since the travel liaisons have close relationships with Russian and Ukrainian agencies, they can arrange your transportation, translation, and even hotel accommodations in advance.


Plus, if you let the customer service team know the dates of your trip, they can make sure you’re able to access the website while you’re there. You may want to refer to your Black Book and review your emails and chats. You can avoid any trouble logging on by simply notifying HotRussianBrides before you go.


Proper planning is paramount for a successful international vacation. Gentlemen enjoy themselves so much, they usually start planning their next trip as soon as they arrive back home! Make the journey to meet your favorite ladies!