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Can I surf HotRussianBrides privately?

20. October 2009 by Gregg 0 Comments

When using our system to communicate with some of the most beautiful ladies in the Ukraine and Russia, some of our customers have stated that while they like the chat feature, they would also like the ability to chat with ladies at their own pace, without being interrupted by chat requests from ladies that they are not interested in.

Fortunately, HotRussianBrides has come up with a solution for our customers who are more interested in focusing their communication on a select few ladies. Both our Gold and Platinum level members have the ability to use HotRussianBrides’s Invisibility feature. For members of these levels, the option is available in the “My Account” menu by clicking on “My Account” and then on “Website Preferences” from the menu on the far right.

The Visibility options are “Visible”, “Semi-Invisible” and “Invisible”. These all have different uses. If you would like to appear in the list of members currently online every time you log in, please choose “Visible”. If you would like to be completely invisible to all members, please choose “Invisible”. The “Semi-Invisible” option is a great choice for anyone who wishes to narrow down their communication to a selection of ladies, as it will only allow ladies who you have added to your Favorites or Matches in the HotRussianBrides Black Book to send you Chat Requests.

While each of these is a powerful option, our members can feel free to switch between each option as often as they like. Please also bear in mind that while the “Semi-Invisible” and “Invisible” options will stop ladies from contacting you as they do not see you online, they do not stop you from viewing ladies who are online and sending them chat requests.

For customers who are making use of the HotRussianBrides Block function on their email, the Invisibility option is a welcome addition to improving your online privacy and ensuring the value of your conversations on our website.