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Can’t Get Her Email Address? She May Not Have One

13. September 2010 by Admin 0 Comments

In the US, you would be part of a very small minority if you told someone you didn’t have an email address or access to the Internet from home. In parts of Russia and Ukraine, this is much more common.

Some gentlemen get frustrated after corresponding with ladies on our site for a few days, because they can’t get their personal email addresses or other personal contact information. While some ladies are not comfortable corresponding outside our site, some just don’t have email addresses or access to the Internet outside their agency.

Due to IMBRA restriction and our site’s Terms of Use, we prohibit members from exchanging any personal contact information until they become Qualified and submit the necessary documentation. We take great pride in our security procedures, which are in place to ensure that both parties involved are protected.

Don’t get ahead of yourself and ruin a great thing. Exercise patience and we will put you in direct communication with a lady as soon as your relationship gets to that level through her agency. Usually, members that stay within our process and guidance have the best results and are happy they did it that way.