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Cartoon Duo Hopes to be Russia's Disney

6. November 2009 by James 0 Comments

A pair of Russian animators is fast becoming a web sensation with their humorous tale of an Old Russian folk tale.


The Russian animation team “Karandashi” or “Pencils” have delighted audiences with their entertaining take of the Russo-Turkish War.


Karandashi partners Andrey Anufrienko and Mikhail Chekalov said it was easy to draw the Turks but for the Cossacks they took their time to get it right. They even consulted with local historians to make sure they drew the correct weapons and belts for the Cossacks.


After posting their cartoon shorts on You Tube the duo became local celebrities. Currently, they support themselves producing animated commercials.  The Russian animation industry is not as popular as the other nations such as Japan, Korea, the United States or Western Europe. Due to cultural differences the story and meaning of a cartoon can be lost on the viewer.


But artists like Andrey and Mikhail are quickly gaining fans especially in animation crazy Japan with their classic style. Mikhail likes the drawing technique which was used by his hero Walt Disney.

With some more work and time, the Pencils hope to follow in Disney’s footsteps and produce a feature length film. Perhaps, in a few years, they too will win an Oscar.