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Celebrate Russian Brides Named Yulia and Alexandra (Pics!)

28. May 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

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Another Russian name day is coming up on May 31st, but this one celebrates 2 Russian women's names. If you plan to take advantage of the Memorial Day promotion, submit some intimacy requests to these gorgeous girls so you can enjoy video streaming at half price!


First we celebrate all the Alexandras. These Russian and Ukrainian women are honored several times throughout the year, such as May 6th and and June 23rd. A famous Russian woman with this name is Alexandra Kosteniuk, the sexy world chess champion. Take a look at the alluring Alexandras below and be the first to wish them a happy name day!


Lovely ladies named Yulia also celebrate their Russian name day on May 31st. A beautiful example of a strong, powerful woman with this name is Yulia Tymoshenko, former Ukrainian Prime Minister. Russian brides sharing this name may prefer to be called Julia, Yulya, Yuliya, Yulenka, or Yulechka. Click on the photos below to view the profiles. You have plenty of time to craft some clever messages to show these ladies that you care about their culture.


Russian brides named Alexandra

Sexy Russian bride, Alexandra779

Gorgeous Ukrainian girl, Alexa14


Russian brides named Yulia

Sexy Ukrainian woman, SweetJul58

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Beautiful Russian bride, JulyFlower

Sexy Ukrainian single, Julia49932

Have you met JustJulia?

Sexy Ukrainian student, Julia1393

Hot babe from Berdyansk, Julia7131

Attractive Ukrainian bride, JuliaMe

Hot Russian bride, Julia12312

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