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Celebrity Doppelganger: Laura Prepon or Russian Bride ExtremeWind?

10. October 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

Are you among the thousands of fans who fell for Eric's redheaded neighbor on That 70s Show? If you liked Donna Pinciotti, you will love Russian bride Extreme Wind. This sultry redhead has the same passion and spirit that made the TV character so appealing. What does this spirited Russian lady want from a man?


Her ideal man "develops all the time and I could learn something from him. He is able to do pleasant and sudden things for his beloved and surprise every time. He has truly established himself as a professional and a man and he knows what he wants from this life and in love. He doesn’t have stereotype thinking and attitude to life, but he is creative, thoughtful, soulful, but manly. This man can make difficult decisions which his woman shouldn’t even think about."


Actress Laura Prepon



Hot Russian Bride ExtremeWind