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Cheer Up! Positive People are More Appealing

11. July 2013 by Masha 0 Comments

From your photos and profile info to the topics you chat about online, try to stay positive. It’s easy to feel depressed about being single but if you dwell on it too much, you won’t have much luck wooing a Russian woman.


Smile in your profile photos. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Be goofy! If you can make a lady laugh with your photos, she’ll be more likely to message you.


Same goes for your profile information. Try to be creative and specific with your descriptions about yourself and what type of lady you’re looking for. Don’t play into the same old online dating clichés like “I enjoy walks on the beach,” “I hate liars” and “I like to try new things.” Everyone says these things. Set yourself apart with some originality.


While it may sound silly, men will start online conversations with stories about their ex-wives and ex-girlfriends. This is never a good idea. They may also feel the need to explain why they are dating online. This is not necessary. Forget the past! Focus on the present!


What do you love about your life right now? What do you enjoy about online dating? What made you take a second look at her profile? Start with positive messages and you’ll receive positive replies.


If you really can’t come up with anything positive to say about yourself, talk about more general topics like current events, traveling or music. Russian women like chatting about all kinds of things.


You don’t have to be ultra-peppy and upbeat all the time, but if you try to be more positive while interacting with ladies online, you’ll have better results.


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