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Chinese, Ukrainian Cultures Connected By Art

21. May 2013 by Masha 0 Comments


Ukrainian women are fascinated by cultures other than their own and take every opportunity to experience them when possible.


Ladies living near Kyiv will likely be visiting the Pinchuk Art Centre this summer as "China China" is now open to the public for free.


"China China" is a major group exhibition including 11 Chinese artists of different generations, focusing on the tension between individuality and collective thinking – a subject which not only defined the history of China and continuously shapes contemporary society but equally gains importance in the West.


With installations like "Forever Bicycle" and "Rooted Upon," the Chinese art exhibit promises to be a cutting-edge cultural adventure.


"It is a search for answers to the question of how, after the bizarre shock of the Cultural Revolution, a new balance can be achieved between the desire for more individuality and freedom and the dictate of conformism that a historically determined collective thinking still exerts," explains the website.


This past Saturday, on International Museum Day, visitors were invited to view the exhibit after hours while dressed in their pajamas! "China China" is open until October 6th.


Take a look at these photos featuring pretty Ukrainian ladies!



Photos: Oleksandr Piliygin, Dmytro Baranov, Victor Pinchuk Foundation