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Chuvashia Home of Russia's Only Beer Museum

17. November 2009 by James 0 Comments

Ask any lovely Russian woman about Chuvashia and more than likely she will mention beer. Yes, that ancient universal beverage that billions world-wide enjoy daily. The republic in the Volga region of Russia has the nation’s only beer museum.

With a rich agricultural tradition Chuvashia has been the center of brewing for centuries. Where else would you expect to find a beer museum? 


Mmmm Beer

At the beer museum located in Tugayevo, visitors are welcomed with traditional songs, food and of course beer. Every town has their own distinct beer. A visitor to the region will find beer flavored with pumpkin seeds, black bread, sun-dried apples, other dried fruit or other flavors.

While touring the museum guests will also get a look at traditional village life.

Gender has no bearing on brew masters in Chuvashian. Just as many women as men are master brewers.

While you are busy in the enjoying the beer museum your Russian Bride will be fascinated with the fashions of Chuvashia.


More Than Beer

Another part of Chuvashian culture is embroidery. In this area of Russia  hand sown embroidery is a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation and can be found on all items-traditional costumes, menswear, ladies dresses and towels.

Amazingly the traditional Chuvashian art of embroidery produces no visible knots – so the image on the front is identical to what is on the back.

Fashion designers have incorporated the ancient Chuvashian designs into modern styles. Designer Igor Dadiani’s pieces mirror the 17th and 18th centuries. He believes that putting a modern twist on tradition helps to preserve it.

Be it beer, food, or fashion, Chuvashia is a great place to visit for those seeking a bit of real tradition in a modern world.