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Classic American Show Now Hot and Heavy In Russia

21. October 2009 by Kari 0 Comments

The funny American TV show Married with Children about Al Bundy and his dysfunctional family is now a classic favorite in Russia. Gennadiy Bukin who plays the part of Al in the Russian remake helps to make chastened men laugh on a regular basis, as they try to figure out how to deal with their daily lives.

When the two shows are compared, you won’t be able to find many differences other than the name of the show, the names of the characters and the fact that the characters speak Russian.

Schastlivy Vmeste is the name of this Russian classic hit, which translates into Happy Together in the Russian language.

A hot Russian woman red head Dasha Gennadiy plays Peg Bundy, a female teenager Sveta Bukina plays Kelly’s character, Roma Bukina, plays Bud and Baron Bukin plays the family’s classic dog, Buck.

The show is hosted by TNT, which is a Russian Network similar to America’s FOX. Since Schastlivy Vmeste pokes fun at a middle class family, this show is a significant indication that Russia is now living in a new era.

In case you didn’t watch the original, Married with Children ran from 1987-1997. With the show’s popularity in Russia, it is liable to run just as long there, if not longer.