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Clinton Team Parties in Moscow with Russian Women

21. October 2009 by Daniel 0 Comments

When Hillary Clinton’s diplomatic team visited Moscow last week, they were there to assist the U.S. secretary of state in negotiating the new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty and other missile defense and international security issues.


But when the business ended, it was all pleasure for the American diplomats, who hit up Moscow’s nightlife, gulping down Russian beer and flirting with Russian ladies.


According to a story in Pravda, the team stayed at the Marriott Hotel in Moscow, where they consumed the contents of several Russian beer bottles before heading out to party in a local nightclub. The newspaper reported that the diplomats used their basic knowledge of the Russian language to try to impress the beautiful Russian women who were visiting the club. However, they refused to disclose the purpose of their visit to Russia.


Mrs. Clinton herself did not participate in the festivities, having stayed at a Ritz Carlton Hotel near the Kremlin, according to the newspaper.


Due to the time difference between the U.S. and Russia, the diplomats were able to continue their revelry into the morning hours. Upon returning to their diplomatic duties the next morning, the newspaper noted that the diplomats “did not look very well.”

Source: Pravda