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Concerns Causing Men to Detour from Russian Dating

1. October 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Men from all over the world are drawn to Eastern European women for their beauty, intelligence, personalities, and so much more. Signing up with HotRussianBrides.com is free and easy so guys embark on their Russian dating adventure in no time. However, some men begin feeling doubts or become suspicious about certain aspects of the site.


Do you share these common concerns? There are simple explanations that will help you see this site is serious.


Extremely Attractive Ladies

The first curiosity that causes confusion is why so many gorgeous Russian girls are so eager to meet you. Even if you’re the most handsome and confident man you know, you’re probably not used to all the attention from such high caliber ladies. While Russian and Ukrainian women often admit that age and appearance are not high priorities when looking for a mate, your particular age, location, occupation, and other criteria can make you a popular member of the site.


Incredible Amount of Emails

Join a traditional dating site and you may receive a few emails a day. Join HotRussianBrides.com and you’ll receive 50 or more each day, especially at the beginning. One reason is because new members are “featured” on the ladies’ site so they see your profile before others. Ladies are excited to meet men who are new to Russian dating and they know they have a lot of competition so it makes sense that they are quick to contact new members. Another reason is because Russian women want to find their match so badly that they throw out as many lines as possible, hoping to reel in that perfect catch more quickly.


Generic Introduction Letters

The initial emails that both men and women send are called “introduction letters” and they do contain a feature allowing members to save time by not having to type the same information over repeatedly. Remember, many of the ladies use translators to help compose emails and it’s much more efficient to send the same message as their introduction. This doesn’t mean the letters are fake; they are just meant to be a basis for future correspondence. Follow up emails and instant messaging are then used to start more specific conversations.


The Cost

Adhering to a budget is important to most gentlemen and the cost of Russian dating is a common concern. International matchmaking is not a cheap endeavor. HotRussianBrides.com pays for the internet technology and servers, along with the translation software and live translators that are available to every lady on the site. Membership costs help cover these expenses, which are actually considered quite competitive in the industry. One way to save credits is by upgrading to a Gold or Platinum Membership which include free emails and discounts on chat.


Men who stay on track and follow the steps on how to be successful on HotRussianBrides.com are more likely to find a wonderful woman. If you’ve thoroughly reviewed the blog, read the ebooks, listened to the podcasts, yet still have concerns… maybe Russian dating isn’t the right path for you.