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Construction of Underground City Proposed for Moscow

12. October 2009 by Daniel 0 Comments

The director of Moscow’s city development plan has mentioned the possibility of constructing an underground “twin city” to help alleviate traffic problems in the Russian capital.

Architect Sergey Tkachenko, who heads Moscow’s Genplan project for urban redevelopment, recently said that he and others involved in Genplan have been working on long-term plans to build the underground city. The city will feature underground roads, which will allow cars to pass through the city very quickly as well as alleviate traffic jams that currently plague Moscow. Tkachenko also said the underground city will be pedestrian-friendly.

However, not everyone is enthusiastic about the idea. Some worry that the underground construction would be dangerous, given that Moscow sits at the junction of three geological platforms. It is thought that the building of underground tunnels could potentially trigger cave-ins and other destructive activity.

Plans for the underground portion of Genplan are in the distant future. In the meantime, Moscow is constructing underground warehouses and parking lots.

Source: https://newsfromrussia.com/russia/economics/01-10-2009/109618-moscow-0