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Consult the Stars for Your Soul Mate

9. November 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

Whether you believe in astrology or not, plenty of Russian and Ukrainian girls do! They love the romantic ideas of fate and destiny leading them towards their soul mates and often refer to their horoscopes for guidance.


There are two astrological signs to consider if you want to have a little more cosmic fun with your search.


Plus, HotRussianBrides.com does all the work by displaying your compatibility rating with each and every stunning single girl!


Western Astrology uses the twelve signs of the zodiac, which are based on the constellations that the sun passes throughout the year. Someone who is born under a certain sign, based on the day and the month, may exhibit the personality traits and inclinations of that sign.  


The Chinese Zodiac is a twelve year cycle in which each year is associated with a specific animal. Those born during the year of a certain animal are thought to share the qualities of that animal. For example, 2011 is the year of the Rabbit or Hare. Those born this year will be kind, sensitive, soft spoken, cautious, and lucky. Is your animal sign compatible with those of your favorite Russian brides


You can compare your compatibility percentages for both Western Astrology and the Chinese Zodiac with just a simple click! Look for the “Astrology Sign” or “Chinese Zodiac” buttons on the ladies' profiles. Clicking them displays your match ratings and descriptions of some of the advantages and/or challenges of building a relationship with that lady. You can also view your combined overall compatibility rating as a percentage!


Another way to consult the stars when seeking your soul mate is to use the Advanced Search to find Russian women you are most compatible with. Use the drop down menu titled “Zodiac Compatibility” to choose from 50% to 90% compatible. Click “Search” and a whole list of beautiful single ladies will appear that the stars say are suited just for you!


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