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Could Meeting Online Lead to a Happier Marriage?

7. June 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

Online dating comes with a lot of challenges: gentlemen may need to talk to many, many eligible ladies before finding a match. There is always the possibility of misunderstandings when two people – especially ones not fluent in one another’s languages – are communicating through text. And then there’s the long distance factor.


But, surprisingly, despite all of that, marriages that start with the couple meeting online are actually more resilient than those of couples who met dating locally. Researchers surveyed 19,000 people; among those who met offline, 6.7% of marriages ended in separation or divorce. That amount was just 5.9% among those who met online. While that doesn’t sound like a huge difference, it’s important to remember that online dating has not been on the scene for very many years. We’re only just now getting the very first information about how relationships that started online will work out. But, these results are promising for the international dater.


While the researchers said that the did not know the reasons that online dating made for stronger relationships, they said that they think it could be a question of intent. People who register for a dating profile, as opposed to those who happen to meet while out at a bar, are very specifically looking for a relationship.


The researchers also believed that online relationships could actually be a bit more honest since people tend to be more candid and relaxed when they are not communicating in person. And, the search online allows people to filter for compatibility before they even meet. The researchers also found that online daters tended to be better educated and that, even the marriages that ultimately did not work out lasted longer.


In the end, there are a lot of factors that can potentially stack the odds in your favor when you look online for a match. Still looking for yours? Log on now to meet eligible Russian women.