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Create Compliments That Count

3. May 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Have you met beautiful "LisaRose" from Odessa?

Knowing the right way to compliment women is a great lesson to master early in the online courtship process. Many of the ladies of HotRussianBrides.com are so gorgeous that they probably receive plenty of compliments each day. Follow these tips to make yours stand out and really show the ladies you care.


Be Sincere

Possibly the hardest part about giving compliments is making sure the ladies know you are being genuine. Body language and facial expressions come into play when dating in person, so showing sincerity online can be a little trickier. Try to think of unique or original compliments rather than the standard lines of telling her how beautiful she is.


Be Specific

Another way to show sincerity is to compliment specific things about your Russian girl’s photos or profile information. Mention a certain outfit she’s wearing or a special way she styled her hair. Try to notice unique or particularly desirable traits about every woman you meet online so you will have some compliments already in mind.


Don’t Overdo It

Gentlemen can often get carried away gushing on and on to a beautiful Ukrainian woman, which may be flattering at first, but can get awkward. If you’re constantly throwing out compliments, especially irrelevant or generic ones, a lady will feel like you're trying too hard to impress her and don’t really mean the things you say.


While it’s true that beautiful women get compliments like crazy, that doesn’t mean they get tired of hearing them. Never begin a compliment with “you probably hear this all the time but”. That could make a woman feel embarrassed and definitely takes all the heartfelt meaning away. Being honest and unique in your compliments will make you stand out from the others and could spark that real Russian bride romance you're looking for.