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Crowded Email Inbox? Use Your Black Book Instead!

5. May 2010 by Admin 0 Comments

Members receive emails from new ladies wanting to get to know them on a daily basis. Because of this attention, many men have trouble managing their email inboxes. This can become more challenging if they only want to correspond with ladies they already have a relationship with.


By using your Black Book and the "Email History" feature, you can quickly see emails sent to you only from your Favorites, Admirers, Matches and Intimate Contacts.


Here’s how you do it:


1) Open the Black Book by clicking on the menu item. 


2) From the “View:” drop-down menu, select the group of ladies you want to see. Your results will appear on the left sidebar.



3) Select the specific lady and then click on “Email History” and you will see all the emails she has sent you that are currently in your inbox.


Now you can just read emails from your special lady.


If you want to see if a specific lady sent you an email, all you have to do is add her to your Favorites and then check the Email History. Enjoy!