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Uncharted Russia: Russian Women Value Beauty & Western Men Should, Too Some American men are curious and adventurous enough to look for women outside of the United States. These men are not stuck to one cultural cocoon but rather explore what is beyond the horizon. One region that a man might find interesting is Russia, especially when a man comes across hot Russian women. Some men are noticing that many Russian women are beautiful. This is because women in Russia put an emphasis on beauty and take care of themselves. One interesting thing to note is a study found that women in Russia spend more time in front of the mirror than other country's women. Some might think this phenomenon shows that Russian women are vain, but some hot Russian women will tell you that beauty is simply a very important thing for a woman in Russia. They like to look their best and want their external appearance to reflect their inner self. What should be appealing to men in America is many of these women are single. Yes, single Russian women is almost an epidemic in Russia because women outnumber men. This is one reason why many American men are looking for single Russian women to date. Of course, a man should not expect to pick up any woman of his choosing without some effort and a little planning. It is important that a man understands the culture and what it means to woo single Russian women before he can claim a woman's heart. Russian women are a delicate group of women who may find the American way of flirting a little aggressive. This does not mean that Russian women are not flirtatious or looking to have a little fun with a man, but many of them do require a certain level of romanticism and chivalry. Romanticism and chivalry is somewhat lacking with some American men, which is why many men who planned to meet a lady from Russia undertook a quick study of the culture before attempting to woo a woman. This helped increased their chances of establishing a relationship with the woman they were seeking. Some men have found that a good conversation has been helpful when it comes to single Russian women. Women in Russia are interested in politics and other such subjects and would love to talk to someone who is genuinely interested in an in-depth conversation. Another thing that American men have found to be helpful is offering compliments. This does not mean a vulgar compliment but rather a more detailed compliment that shows that beauty is appreciated and that the woman is more than just a piece of meat. In short, a Russian woman wants to feel special, beloved, and tended to by the man who is attempting to woo her. It is clear to see why so many western men are flocking to the uncharted land of Russia; many women there are looking for romance and a relationship. Just remember that the pursing must been filtered to suit a lovely lady from Russia.