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Culture Shock: An Unexpected Surprise for Your Russian Bride

3. November 2009 by Marie 0 Comments

American culture is probably this nation's biggest export. Thanks to satellite TV, the Internet and movies, Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Phil and Twilight are phenomena across the globe. In fact, many foreigners learn English through television. But ask them about Wal-Mart, Thanksgiving, instant credit cards, or tailgate parties and they may draw a blank. Think about this if you and your Russian love decide to make it permanent.


Remember What She's Giving Up

The same is true for our Members in other countries: Does your Russian lady know what a South African brai is (a barbecue)? Or the British Pantomime (humorous Christmas play)?  Remember, if you and your Russian lady decide to marry, she will be leaving an entire family, culture, language and lifestyle behind and will have to sink or swim in yours. You have the upper hand, so make up your mind to make her feel at ease as soon as possible.


Tips for Easier Adjustment

You will probably both share a lot of information about your countries and local customs in your emails and chats. Keep in mind that the more you can tell her, the better. Look through these tips to help you both adjust to a new life together:

  • Send pictures! When you become a Silver, Gold or Platinum member, you can send her pictures of your hometown and landmarks. Don't assume she can find out these things on the Internet: She may not have her own computer, and her time using the agency's shared computers is limited.
  • Tell her about how you live, not just where. Life in big cities, suburbs and rural towns are very different. Which type of environment does your lady come from? How can you prepare her for life in your corner of the world?
  • Dispel inaccurate stereotypes perpetuated by the media about your culture. Americans don't all carry guns or live like the folks on Jerry Springer. Aussies don't spend their days hiking the outback and wrestling crocodiles.   
  • When she comes to your country, let her adjust at her own pace and hold on to customs that are comfortable. Russian women tend to dress up more than American women, for example. Their education is heavy on art, literature and history. 
  • Give her a taste of home whenever possible. Plan on phone calls to her family back home. See if there's a Russian or Ukrainian cultural club near you. Look into English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, and buy a bilingual dictionary. Let her put her own decorating touches on your home.
  • Embrace cross-culturalism! Educate yourself and your circle about your Russian bride. Try to learn her language and culture. HotRussianBride.com blogs are a good place to start. Tell your family and friends as much as possible about your new bride and where she comes from. 
  • The best way to make someone feel comfortable is to assume they know too little, rather than too much. You can always share a laugh about something obvious, but to put her in situations where she commits serious faux pas just breeds embarrassment and resentment -- not a good way to start off a new life together.


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