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DRFORLOVE wants to meet a North American Man ……..

18. April 2016 by Admin 0 Comments

DRFORLOVE (user ID number 420607) proves the old adage is accurate-- Russian brides are simultaneously beautiful, giving and intelligent. Not to mention fun. Romance is very important to Russian women. Russian brides are committed to their husbands and they value intimacy, trust, and the family unit. True to her cultural background, DRFORLOVE is very family-oriented and would make any man who is strong of character happy. With a continuous desire for affection, playfulness and a healthy lifestyle, she not only takes care of herself, but she also takes care of her partner. One of the most appealing features that DRFORLOVE possesses is her willingness to be down-to-earth. She is honest without being tactless. She brings a deep and interesting cultural history to any relationship. She's eager to learn new languages and become familiar with new cultures. In this way, she's looking for a foreign man to help her explore what it means to live abroad. Her commitment to this is evident in her intermediate mastery of the English language. Russian brides enjoy having fun. Drinking and dancing is a major part of Russian culture, and DRFORLOVE embodies that well. While she enjoys quiet evenings cuddled on the couch watching a movie, she also knows how to dress up and go out to have a good time. She enjoys music, dancing and social engagements. Food and cuisine are important aspects of Russian culture and Russian brides, including DRFORLOVE, are very good cooks. Any man that she chooses to spend her life should enjoy rich flavors and an abundance of food at every meal. She believes that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, and as such, will strive to keep her man satiated at all times. When a woman from Russia makes a genuine connection with a man and chooses to be with him, she is usually devoted for life. Home and family are very important concepts in Russian culture, and so Russian brides are happy to prioritize being a wife and mother. Having been raised in a patriarchal society, DROFLOVE is hoping to find a man that wants more than mere messaging or idle chatter. She wants someone she can meet and connect with, someone she can take care of and who will cherish her as the beautiful woman that she is. Speaking of beauty, DROFLOVE is overflowing with it. Physical fitness and beauty are important cultural milestones to Russians, which is why Russian brides are often considered some of the most beautiful women in the world. DROFLOVE has a gorgeous body with shapely, sensual hips and strong calves. Her sleek black hair is perfectly styled and rests right along her chest. Her blue eyes have the ability to draw a man in and captivate him.